As a leader are these questions on your mind?

  • How can I trust more, and amplify the gifts of others?
  • What do I do to create trust and cohesion in people?
  • How do I authentically tell my stories that inspire and move people to action?
  • How can I find my voice and speak with impact?
  • What is my life and leadership purpose and how do they make me a better leader?
  • Is it possible to lead with both strength and vulnerability?
  • How do I trust my decisions when much is unknown and changing?

I believe the world needs more and better leaders, and that leadership happens when we choose to do something, to cause an outcome that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. It is not a position, a title or a role. It is a personal decision to take responsibility for something that matters. Coaching is shown again and again, to be the single most effective way for individual leaders to achieve deep personal transformation – allowing them to change the way they see the world; what was limiting, and what is empowering.

The two main tenets of my work are Purpose and Change. I coach leaders to be grounded in their purpose; authentic and resilient in their approach; and courageous in their choices. And working with leaders to translate their purpose into impact that transforms people and organizations.

As a coach I think of myself as the alchemist in your kitchen who catalyzes you into creating flashes of genius using ingredients you already have. For I believe we all have genius inside us. We just have to take away stuff that’s in the way.

I look forward to going on this journey with you.


Leadership Team Coaching

What is the real job of a leadership team?
When is a team more than just a collection of capable individuals?

The main reason people band together is because we know we can achieve more together than alone. But great teams don't happen by accident. Too many leadership or top management teams are not really teams at all. They are a collection of very capable individuals with specific objectives and their impact is little more than a sum of these individual objectives.

A truly cohesive and effective leadership team consists not only of great individual leaders, they make each other better, and together their impact is far greater and substantively different from conventional management team.

We coach teams as a unit. Appreciating the whole entity as a system of individual talents, relationship structures, diverse perspectives, objectives, challenges, aspirations, possibilities, differences, and many other dynamics that make a team special. We focus on the real issues and the real work that needs to be done in order to create space for the team to thrive.

The complexity and adaptability of human systems feature deeply in how we design our team coaching approach - encouraging the psychological safety needed for experimental learning, and productive conflict.

Our aim is to empower teams to continue their own development journey towards high performance, innovation, adaptability, and achieving their purpose.

We work successfully with teams in-person and virtually

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