Ron van Kemenade

You are a jewel in the crown of your profession!
You are the best facilitator I have ever experienced. I have experienced so many but none of them even comes close to you!
I’ve never seen any facilitator do a better job of conveying the content expertly and effectively. Encouraging the right conversations, making people feel valued, keeping the timing and structure, and keeping the energy and mood

Bilal Waris
Chief HR Officer ADA

We were about to embark on a digital transformation journey and we needed a partner who was bold and had gone through a similar journey. Mandy’s experience, knowledge and solution capability gave us everything we needed. 
I really value Mandy as a strategic partner. Her expertise and insights into what’s most needed by the HR profession globally has helped me strengthen my organization greatly. I also value her as a challenging thought partner. Our conversations and debates are edgy, inspiring and often lead to pushing the boundaries on what’s possible. Mandy’s vast experience in transforming organizations in diverse industries and cultures is a rich resource for us to draw upon to craft the best solutions for growing our leaders, elevating performance levels and shifting the culture.

Ignacio Garcia
Dean TEC BEYOND Executive Innovation Program
Tecnologico de Monterrey

Our university specializes in building leading edge innovation in Mexican enterprises. Mandy created a unique program for our Executive Innovation Program centered on uncovering individual purpose and passion; and using it to amplify their leadership impact and entrepreneurial courage. It was a hit with our participants and their teams, and generated significant impact in their innovation ventures.

Ivo Pareyns
HR Director ING COO

Mandy did a great job in steering and animating – at the right (executive) flight level, with the right tone of voice and rhythm, and making a strong connection with the participants. I especially liked her questions that make you think beyond the daily observations, and the exercises to get you mildly yet steadily out of your comfort zone.

Datin Badrunissa mohd Yasin Khan
Group Chief Talent and Learning Officer

Mandy is a great HR/Change partner. She puts a lot of effort into really understanding our needs and as a result the solutions she creates are uniquely effective for us. Plus the sessions are always fresh, creative and shakes people out of their usual way of doing things. I also really value having her as a source of expertise on new ways of working and other organisational change matters,  on an on-going basis. She brings fresh knowledge and practical lessons from her experience in many industries. 

Sali Salieski
CFO for Transformation, Technology and Operations at ING Group

Mandy is able to trigger personal transformation in talents and executives. One of her strengths are the ability to connect organizational purpose, corporate culture, and individual and team leadership approach for driving up performance. Mandy’s vast corporate experience and strong interest in latest research givers her an edge and makes her unique in what she does, and how she does it.

Jeroen Plag 
Head of Strategy ING Bank

Mandy did a great job facilitating our sessions as well managing the whole week's interactions. Her insight knowledge of the ING organisation coupled with her in-depth professional coaching and leadership experience provided for a very fruitful and rewarding program. For me personally as well as she was able to 'push-with-care' resulting in very meaningful discussions enabling me to thoroughly progress my leadership skills. Thanks!

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